Latest astrovideo - Comet 2020/M3 Atlas moving through the constellation Orion on Nov 23 2020
M31 Great Galaxy in Andromeda FC76 ZWO from NJ 2019-10-24 small

Messier 31, the great nebula in the constellation Andromeda

All of the images on this website are originals from data acquired in my home observatory in central New Jersey.  Through the years I've used several telescopes, mounts, and cameras.  Some of them are shown below.

The home observatory and some of the telescopes and equipment

The home observatory, roof mostly closed

AGO 12.5" iDK scope with ZWO ASI-071MC camera

Tak FS-128 and FC-76 on Losmandy G11 mount
Roof rolled open
Big scope on Paramount MX
Tak FS-128 on Vixen GP mount
Tux the cat guards the entrance
AGO 12.5" iDK with Tak FC-76 guide scope
C11 and SBIG ST-10 CCD on Losmandy G11