Millions to billions of stars gravity-bound with high rotational momentum.
M83 Spiral Galaxy in Hydra Apr 2022 RAParker Chile
M81 NGC 3031 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major Feb 6 2024 RAP from NJ
Markarian's Chain galaxy cluster in Virgo Mar 29 2024 RAParker
M104 Sombrero Galaxy in Virgo March 2021 from NJ
NGC 3184 Little Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Najor Feb 2023 RAParker from NJ
NGC 2841 Galaxy in Ursa Major Feb 2023 RAParker from NJ
M98 LRGB March 26 2023 RAP from NJ
NGC 2403 Galaxy in Camelopardalis Feb 2022 NJ
NGC 2442 the Meathook Galaxy in Volans 2017-03-21 SSRO
M33 Spiral Galaxy in Triangulum ZWO AGO12.5 from NJ 2019-11-09
M91 Spiral Galaxy in Coma Berenices 2018-06-03 SSRO
NGC6952 Barred Spiral Galaxy with Nebula in Cepheus_2015-10-05
NGC2403 Galaxy in Camelopardis_2015-03-12
Arp 227 unusual galaxies in Pisces 2017-01-15 SSRO
NGC 247 in Cetus from Chile
Messier 96 in Leo RAParker April 2021 New Jersey
M82 Starburst Galaxy NGC3034_2014-12-31

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