Images acquired from telescopes at CTIO and El Sauce Observatories in the Chilean Andes
NGC 2014_NGC 2020 in LMC Nov 2022 RAP Chile
NGC 2442 the Meathook Galaxy in Volans 2017-03-21 SSRO
Abell PLN 35 in Hydra May 2022 RAP Chile
NGC 1512 barred spiral galaxy in Horologium 2016-12-30 SSRO
NGC 4038_4039 Antennae Galaxy in Corvus Mar 2022_RAP Chile
M78 Nebula in Orion RAP Chile Jan 2022
Abell PLN 7 planetary nebula in Lepus RAP Chile Feb 2022 working
HH666 in Carina Nebula RAP Chile Mar 2022
Henize 70 superbubble nebula in Dorado Nov 2021 RAP_Chile
NGC 253 Starburst Galaxy in Sculptor Nov 2021 RAP_Chile
NGC 2090 Spiral Galaxy in Columba Dec 2021 RAP_Chile
NGC 1808 Galaxy in Columba Nov 2021 Chile
NGC 1313 Topsy-Turvy Galaxy in Reticulum Jan 2022 Chile
NGC 7293 Helix Nebula in Aquarius Oct 2021 Chile
NGC 247 in Cetus from Chile

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