Rex Parker PhD -- Astrophotography of the Deep Sky (click on panels to open galleries; click on this line to return to top)

HOW THESE IMAGES WERE CREATED: These photographs of "light matter" in the celestial sphere were obtained with specialized astronomy equipment and software. All images processed by Rex A Parker in central New Jersey using CCD Stack, Maxim-DL, and Photoshop CS5 software. Original data generated by RAP in NJ using a 12.5" AGO telescope and Paramount-MX with SBIG ST-10 CCD. Images with "Mt Lemmon" in title were processed by RAP from original data obtained through Adam Block in the "Advanced Imaging Workshop" 2013 & 2014 at Mt Lemmon Sky Center AZ, using the 32" Schulman RC telescope and SBIG-16803 CCD. Images with "SSRO" in title were processed by RAP from original data from the Star Shadows Remote Observatory team at Cerro Tololo, Chile (CTIO) using the 16" RCOS PROMPT2 telescope with FLI-16803 CCD. SSRO team members are Steve Mazlin, Mark Hanson, Warren Keller, and Rex Parker.