Astrophotos from my home observatory
M33 Spiral Galaxy in Triangulum_AGO12.5 from NJ 2015-10-12
NGC 2841 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major_2015-10-16
IC342 Spiral Galaxy in Camelopardalis 2015-10-16
M1 Crab Nebula Supernova Remanant in Taurus_2015-10-11
NGC 1491 Emission Nebula in Perseus_2015-10-21
NGC 6952 Barred Spiral Galaxy with Nebula in Cepheus_2015-10-05
NGC 1055 Spiral Galaxy in Cetus_2015-10-05
NGC 6934 Globular Cluster in Delphinus_2015-10-07
NGC 925 Spiral Galaxy in Triangulum_2015-10-07
NGC 672 Galaxies Interacting in Triangulum_2015-09-20
NGC 7635 the Bubble Nebula in Cassiopeia_2015-09-18
NGC 1491 Nebula color_Ha Mar 2023 and Nov 2021 from NJ
NGC 3184 Little Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Najor Feb 2023 RAParker from NJ
NGC 2841 Galaxy in Ursa Major Feb 2023 RAParker from NJ
M42_NGC 1976 Feb 17 2023 RAParker from NJ
M98 LRGB March 26 2023 RAP from NJ
IC 1871 Emission Nebula in Cass Nov 20 2023 RAP_NJ
M81 NGC 3031 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major Feb 6 2024 RAP from NJ

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