Images acquired from telescopes at CTIO and El Sauce Observatories in the Chilean Andes
Messier100 Spiral Galaxy in Virgo-Coma 2017-03-30 SSRO from Chile
NGC 2467 Emission Nebula in Puppis 2018-03-20 SSRO
NGC 6726 Nebula with interstellar dust cloud in Corona Australis_2017-07-14 SSRO
Gum 20 Emission Nebula in Vela_2017-04-29_SSRO
Proxima Centauri labeled_2017-07-05_Skynet
NGC 2442 the Meathook Galaxy in Volans 2017-03-21 SSRO
NGC 7184 spiral galaxy in Aquarius 2017-01-23 SSRO
Arp 227 unusual galaxies in Pisces 2017-01-15 SSRO
NGC 1512 barred spiral galaxy in Horologium 2016-12-30 SSRO v2

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