Images acquired from telescopes at CTIO and El Sauce Observatories in the Chilean Andes
NGC 1313 Topsy-Turvy Galaxy in Reticulum Jan 2022 Chile
NGC 7293 Helix Nebula in Aquarius Oct 2021 Chile
NGC 247 in Cetus from Chile
NGC 6559 in Sagittarius from Chile
NGC 6559 Nebula in Sagittarius Nov 2021 Chile
NGC 7582 Grus trio of galaxies Chile Sept 2021
NGC 6744 spiral galaxy in Pavo RAP Sept 2021 Chile
M8 NGC 6523 Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius RAP Aug 2021 Chile
NGC 6357 War and Peace Nebula in Scorpius RAP Aug 2021 Chile
NGC 3394 Cats Paw Nebula in Scorpius RAP Aug 2021 Chile
NGC 3334 Cats Paw Nebula in Scorpio RAParker July 2021 Chile
NGC 4755 Jewel Box Cluster in Crux July 2020 Chile

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