Colorful mysterious residents of our galaxy the Milky Way
IC 1795 median 20x1200sec working
NGC 2174 Monkey Head Nebula in Orion 2020-12-19 from NJ
Horsehead Nebula IC 434 in Orion 2020-12-19 from NJ
NGC 7538 emission nebula in Cepheus 2020-09-21 NJ
M42 Great Nebula in Orion 2020-02-22 NJ
NGC 7822 Emission Nebula in Cepheus 2020-09-21 from NJ
Cats Paw Nebula in Scorpius RAP Aug 2021 Chile
NGC 7293 Helix Nebula in Aquarius 2013 from Mt Lemmon AZ
M8 NGC 6523 in Sagittarius 5x20min RAP Sept 2021 NJ
Cats Paw Nebula NGC 3334 in Scorpio RAParker July 2021 Chile

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